About Us

Insured Investment Limited is based on the Bitcoin blockchain and is developed by SeSo Group, a UK-based investment fund. SeSo Group is a crowdfunding marketplace. SeSo Group will be the first user of the Insured Investment Limited network. This network consists of investment-based sites and businesses that are moving their financial activities from the traditional model to the smart model based on the smart contracts of Insured Investment Limited. This solution also envisages an incentive-based social network. Users can earn daily profits by investing in Insured Investment Limited and will also help grow our network worldwide. Insured Investment Limited will provide a global, decentralized and crowdfunding solution. It shows the way for businesses and individuals alike to base their financial interactions and achieve sustainable profits with the right investments. Fully intelligent investment plans are simple and intuitive without the need to learn.

INSURED INVESTMENT LIMITED Company is fully legally registered in England; you can see all the information here.

Company number 14566258

Statement of capital on 2023-01-03 GBP 50,000,000,000

Crowd Investments

Crowd investments are often run on a peer-to-peer basis. This means that the participant who is doing the investment works directly with the party looking for funds without a middleman. The idea behind this is to provide the party looking for investments an opportunity to raise as much funds as possible while making the whole transaction easier. The Crowd based investment market became huge in the late 2010’s, with a number of companies raising funds to develop innovative new ideas. It became commonplace that parties will raise funds using crowdfunding, when their project is innovative, or would benefit from more peer-to-peer based funding. There are also a large number of tax advantages for both the companies undertaking crowd based funding activities and those who participate in them.

This type of investment is unique because it allows average savers to access investment options that were unavailable to them before, such as earning money through dividends, P2P lending, real estate or cryptocurrencies revaluations.

The high-risk high-reward mechanism is often more attractive for participants as they currently have a number of zero risk low reward opportunities open to them through their regular financial institution such as a bank.

Crowdfunding has evolved to a new level with the introduction of the token sale. This is the primary reason why Insured Investment Limited, is undertaking a token sale to raise funds to build their innovative investment network. It will be a community driven project designed to allow those who participate, both during and after the token sale, the opportunity to invest in crowdfunding opportunities posted on the platform.