Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions you may check before getting started.

Insured Investment Limited is based on the Bitcoin blockchain and is developed by SeSo Group, a UK-based investment fund. SeSo Group is a crowdfunding marketplace. SeSo Group will be the first user of the Insured Investment Limited network. This network consists of investment-based sites and businesses that are moving their financial activities from the traditional model to the smart model based on the smart contracts of Insured Investment Limited.

Anyone of legal age in his or her own country can become an investor.

Read through the investment plans and decide which plan you will invest in. Register on the platform, make a deposit for the selected plan in your personal cabinet. Make a profit and withdraw it to your wallets. Look for more information on the website or contact support with any questions you may have.

Yes, it is totally free of charge.

All stored data on our servers remains protected via encryption technology all the time. All account related transactions done by our clients are mediated exclusively via secured internet connections.

Your account will be active immediately after registration.

You may log into your account by clicking the link Login and enter your username and password.

Click the link where you may recover your password, type your username or email. After this you should receive reset password link. If you haven't receive password reset link check your spam folder or contact our support service.

Any client may have only one account. In the event of multiple registrations from your computer we have rights to suspend all of your accounts.

To make a investment you must first create an account. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can login using the member username and password you receive when signup. In order to make a deposit click Make Deposit in the navigation menu. Fill in desired amount in the 'Amount' field, choose payment system that you use and click 'Confirm'. Follow further instructions of your payment system.

You can make a deposit from $10 for Fiat (EpayCore) and $100 for crypto to $100,000 depending on the investment plan you choose. To find out the required amount to invest, use the profit calculator on our website.

Your profit will be credited to your balance every calendar day for a full investment plan duration time.

To make deposits and withdrawals you can use the following payment systems: Epaycore, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, TRC20, BNB, BEP20, Ethereum and ERC20.

The minimum amount to withdraw 0.1$ Fiat (EpayCore ) and for CRYPTO 50$ - (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, TRC20, BNB, BEP20, Ethereum, ERC20 and etc).

Yes of course, but it should be made on different investment plans.

Your request will be processed Instant.

If you pay with ePayCore, your account is updated as fast as you invest. If you pay with cryptocurrencies, you have to wait for 6 confirmations of the transaction through the Blockchain network.

Yes of course. You may reinvest your profit using your account balance. In order to make a deposit from your company's account balance you need to select 'Deposit from Account Balance' on Make deposit page in your Member area. You still can earn RCB for deposits from account balace.

Of course, we don’t limit our customers in their opportunities and desires. Everyone can choose as many investment plans as he or she wishes.

In order to withdraw your profit you need to withdrawal request on Withdraw page in your member area. You need just choose payment system and type withdrawing amount which you used for making your deposits.

Please, pay attention that usually we process withdrawals Instant. But anyway contact our support service and we will check your issue.

No. We don't have any withdrawal limits and it is totally free of charge.


The withdrawal is acceptable every day at every suitable time for you.

No, Your profit is Principal Included.

It is enough just to create an account and get a referral link, which must be distributed.

Yes, we have a developed six-level partner-system, in which you can get bonuses up to 3-20% from the friend’s deposit at the appropriate level.

No, the referral link is the individual and is given to the user only at once.

You may place it everywhere via the Internet. The best is to place it in different social networks.

As soon as the invited user makes their first deposit, a part of this sum will be sent to your account.

Yes, we have.